Wal-Mart develops new patents and uses blockchain technology to track packages

According to Coindesk, Walmart has successfully obtained a new patent for package tracking, using blockchain technology to create a courier storage system and provide express reservation services. When the user is unable to receive the goods in time, the system can safely keep the package of the receiving party until the harvester signs the package.

According to reports, on July 5th, Wal-Mart released an application called “Delivery Booking Tools and Methods” that outlines how to manage package reservations if the purchaser cannot actually receive them. It is reported that this is the latest “smart delivery” intellectual property of the retail giant.

Last year, the company filed several US patent applications in this area. According to the ostrich blockchain reported on June 15, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday granted a patent filed by Wal-Mart in December 2017 to help organizations better manage the energy use of individual electronic devices. , that is, the grid patent for the distribution of electricity on demand.

Previously, in an application released by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in March, Wal-Mart described a “smart package,” which included a record of package content, environmental conditions, location, and more on the blockchain. . The patent also shows that the smart package can also be used with other emerging technologies, including autonomous driving and drones.

In fact, the company seems to see the technology as a way to automate the distribution process, but so far, most of the company’s work with the blockchain for the public has focused on food supply chain tracking.

In the latest release of the filing, Wal-Mart provides a detailed information system for the delivery cabinet, located in a person’s home, transportation hub or other location, to protect the delivered items until the consignee actually signs them. The blockchain acts as a way to connect these lockers to track and identify which lockers are occupied and which lockers are free to use.

According to the document, “Each space in the docking station has a corresponding capacity unit for each location of the docking station.” The transaction of the capacity unit is recorded in the ledger, and the available capacity unit indicates the open position of the docking station. Or outsourcing the capacity unit, indicating that there is a fixed locker at the location, or that location is reserved for future delivery.

In some embodiments, the docking station will utilize the blockchain reservation system. Therefore, each stop can become a node in the blockchain network.

It is worth mentioning that the application refers to the “public ledger”, which indicates that the proposed system is publicly accessible to some extent, rather than being closed to certain participants. According to the documentation, this contains a record of “available and reserved capacity units for multiple locker docking stations”.

This may indicate that Wal-Mart is not necessarily the sole operator of these stops, and may allow external parties to have a certain degree of participation.

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