Five universities in Spain, Argentina and Venezuela offer cryptocurrency courses

Five universities in three Spanish-speaking countries: the University of Alcala in Spain, the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain, the European University of Madrid in Spain, the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology in Argentina, and the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración in Venezuela offer cryptocurrency courses. Key research topics include Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICO, smart contracts, DAO and cryptography economics.

University of Alcala, Spain

The University of Alcala, Spain is a public university located in Alcaláde, Madrid, Madrid. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest European universities, dating back to 1293.

The school now offers a course called Ethereum, Blockchain Technology and Cryptography Economics.

The school’s website details that the course is aimed at “professionals, students or those interested in learning about blockchain technology from a comprehensive perspective on technology, economics, society and law. It will provide blockchain technology, DAO, smart contracts. Comprehensive training in the field of cryptocurrency, in three areas: technology, economic finance and regulation.”

Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) is a public university located in the northern part of the Spanish capital. Founded in 1968, the school currently offers a short course from July 18th to 20th called “Blockchain: From cryptocurrency to commercial networks.”

The course description: “In this course, the technical basis of the Bitcoin blockchain will be introduced in a very practical way, demonstrating the limitations of Bitcoin, with particular emphasis on its access to records and the intelligent management of its authors. problem.”

“As a solution to these problems, the concept, implementation and use of smart contracts will be introduced in Ethereum and Hyperledger. Finally, the group will discuss possible models and business networks based on blockchain at the round table.”

European University of Madrid, Spain

The European University of Madrid is a private university with more than 16,000 students. Since last October, the school has offered a six-month master’s degree in bitcoin and blockchain.

The course consists of six modules: blockchain technology; basic knowledge of bitcoin; blockchain security and investigation; laws related to cryptocurrencies; blockchain innovation; project development.

College Description:

“After completing the course, the technical and legal feasibility of a solution based on blockchain technology can be accurately analyzed, and the overall project related to cryptocurrency can be developed to become a professional in the field of technology, and to discover innovative opportunities beyond the use of traditional technologies. Add value to companies in the ICT or financial sector.”

Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, Argentina

Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA) is a private university that studies information technology, business and engineering research.

The College offers a Diploma in Encryption Economics: Blockchain Smart Contracts and Cryptographic Currency, from July 11th to September 26th.

“Designed for those who start from scratch or have a certain basic knowledge, who want to learn the principles, mechanisms and destructive people of cryptocurrency at the monetary and technical level, and who want to encrypt economic investment in the world now and in the future. .”

The course is for anyone who wants to get started and get basic and intermediate knowledge to understand the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs, smart contracts and different types of blockchains.


(IESA) is a private, non-profit Venezuela business school founded in 1965 with campuses in Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia.

The school currently offers a course entitled “Cryptographic Currency, Blockchain in the New Economy and Business, Management and Business Opportunities and Challenges”.

The 60-hour course was opened on July 20th, and by September 29th, the content includes “bitcoin, the evolution of cryptocurrencies and currencies” and “international experience in the regulation of bitcoin and blockchain technology.” The course also offers

“The entrepreneurial spirit in the new economy and its digital transformation, as well as the financial technology brought about by the new economic innovations of the new financial system and means of payment”.

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