88 A-share listed companies involved in the blockchain need to carefully consider the scene

From the virtual currency of the 1.0 era to the smart contract of the 2.0 era, with the rapid iterative evolution of blockchain technology, the blockchain 3.0 era represented by the landing application has begun, and in 2018 it is regarded as a “block”. The chain + real economy has formed the first year of investment in China.

Among them, many listed companies rely on the advantage of industrial competitiveness to play the role of “crab-eaters” in this wave of blockchain technology and physical industry application integration. According to the “2018 “blockchain +” listed company research report released by the computing power think tank recently, 88 listed companies have only entered the blockchain field in the A-share market.

“The primary value of blockchain technology for listed companies is to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and promote their development towards high quality and standardization. The deeper significance is that as more information of listed companies shifts from offline to chain ‘Digitalization’, it may usher in a new round of business model deep change, and derive more new formats, to provide new opportunities for its own “change lane overtaking”.” District held in Haikou, Hainan on July 6th In the keynote speech, Peng Chunlai, deputy editor-in-chief of Securities Daily, said in the blockchain empowerment capital market new economic summit forum (Hainan Station).

Co-sponsored by Securities Daily and Computational Intelligence Bank, the forum is the first in China to use listed companies as an entry point to provide comprehensive observation and exchange of blockchain technology applications for listed companies, technology companies, government agencies and research institutes. Platform forum.

At the meeting, the power think tank also released the “Calculation Blockchain Thermal Index”, becoming the first non-coin index in China that cuts the logic of the capital market and combines the primary and secondary market targets to objectively reflect the hotness of the blockchain market.

Grab the blockchain landing application

At the forum, relevant government departments from Hainan Province, as well as a number of listed companies such as the Eagle Eagle Farming and Animal Husbandry (3.310, 0.00, 0.00%), 2345 (4.120, 0.04, 0.98%), and Yunxiang District Blockchain or The people of the technology company gathered to discuss how the listed companies embraced technological innovation and explored the iteration of blockchain enabling business on the occasion of the blockchain 3.0 era.

“At present, the global market value of digital currency is hovering around 300 billion US dollars, equivalent to more than 1.8 trillion yuan. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the total agricultural output value of China in 2017 was 61,719.69 billion yuan, and the total output value of animal husbandry was 308.854 billion yuan. It can’t be compared simply, but obviously, agriculture and animal husbandry, as the cornerstone of people’s livelihood, as the just-needed industry, its market capacity is amazing, and the space reserved for technology and empowerment is even more unlimited.” Li Hua, president of the young peasant farming and animal husbandry, said in the keynote speech. .

This seemingly “traditional” listed company has always attached great importance to exploring the application convergence of new technologies. In recent years, through the overall strategy of “one body and two wings” with consumer terminals and the Internet as the two wings, it has become the whole source of supply chain finance. Industrial chain + Internet modern science and technology agricultural benchmark.

Zhang Zhiqiang, general manager of the information department of Luo Niushan (11.440, -0.96, -7.74%), said that the “blockchain+new retail” model may be a niche user group. Pull into the vision of traditional manufacturing companies. The blockchain can help the aquaculture industry solve many problems, and hopes to help the company’s business upgrade through blockchain technology and enhance the brand premium.

Compared with the application of blockchain, it is still in the agricultural listed companies that explore the water test stage. Many listed companies from the virtual economy such as Internet, financial services and digital copyright have entered the substantive layout stage in the blockchain field.

Anne shares (6.770, 0.07, 1.04%) CTO Hao Han said that the blockchain is used in the copyright field to be almost cheap, and it can realize the right to confirm, trade, detect and defend rights. The company has explored the practice of blockchain and the results are good. It is reported that Anne is the first A-share listed company to apply the blockchain to the copyright protection field. Its copyright owner platform uses blockchain technology as the underlying technology support, which can solve massive copyright ownership confirmation, prevent information tampering, and realize copyright. Trace back.

Under the blessing of blockchain technology, the long-standing trust pain points in the Internet promotion industry have also found a breakthrough. Qiu Junyi, vice president and secretary of the 2,345, said that Internet promotion has a typical centralization feature. While the current traffic price is becoming more expensive, it is difficult for users to get a share of the value generated by online behavior. The 2345 Planet Alliance introduces blockchain technology to create a decentralized, trustworthy network ecosystem that allows users to return to the user with the value of online behavior.

In addition, Zhou Juan, vice president of Huawen Media (8.400, 0.00, 0.00%), said that although the company has not used the blockchain technology directly in the media industry, it still invested in the media of the blockchain attribute. She revealed that Huawen Media plans to build a blockchain business incubator at the upcoming Haikou Shuangchuang Building and introduce the upstream and downstream enterprises in the blockchain. At the same time, the company also owns 3,000 acres of land in Chengmai County, Hainan, which can be combined with the blockchain industry to revitalize.

“A quick step is a hero”

It is worth mentioning that in the A-share market, it is never new for listed companies to pursue hotspots for transformation. From the Internet to real estate to minerals and film and television, many companies have been rushing to the ground and leaving a feather.

For the phenomenon that the listed companies are involved in the blockchain, Deng Xu, the founder of the cloud-based blockchain, stressed that listed companies should not “block the block for the blockchain”. It is necessary to carefully consider the feasibility of the scene, blindly involved. Conducive to the integration of the real economy.

Yunxiang Blockchain is a technology-based company with the main research and development direction of blockchain technology. Deng Xu said that the integration of the company’s R&D experience, the fastest blockchain landing is related to assets, such as letters of credit. Forfeiting and so on. The landing of data information, such as electronic contract storage, data sharing, etc., should also be judged according to its economic value. In its view, the pass-through economy has not been widely accepted in China, and listed companies have more regulatory factors. Entering the blockchain can be the initial goal of the alliance chain.

Hainan Rubber (6.620, 0.00, 0.00%) Senior Consultant Peng Yan also believes that the promotion of blockchain should consider the cost and combine the actual development. According to its introduction, Hainan Rubber has more than three million mu of rubber trees. It is necessary to have a code for each tree and the cost is huge. Since the beginning of this year, Hainan Rubber has been studying the blockchain and its combination of production, logistics, warehousing, marketing, processing, management and finance. It is still in the research and planning stage.

“Any technology needs a good time and a good place, and you can’t do it blindly. ‘Three steps are martyrs, and one step is a hero.’” Peng Yan said.

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