Ben Del, founder of British exchange Bitmex, became the youngest bitcoin billionaire in the UK

Ben Del, a former student at Oxford University and the founder of Bitmex, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is considered to be the youngest bitcoin billionaire in the UK. The bitcoin enthusiast based in Hong Kong has become one of the few investors in the cryptocurrency industry to get huge wealth.

This young man was an IBM software engineer.

According to reports, the young man is worth $3.6 billion. He graduated in 2005 with a first class in mathematics and computer science. Together with Samuel Reed, another co-founder, he worked 18 hours a day to get his career and achievements. In an interview, he said,

“I have been starting a business for the past four years. We have 18 hours of work a day.”

The company had little money in the early days, and other entrepreneurs might have given up. His path to success is related to cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency trading platform has always been one of the areas of greatest concern to entrepreneurs in this field. The only challenge is that trading platforms are often subject to hacking. According to reports, any business related to Bitcoin is vulnerable to cyber attacks. In many cases, trading platforms lose millions of dollars once they are hacked. However, if these conditions do not occur, there will be a generous return.

Most cryptocurrency billionaires are wealthed through investments and other personal projects. It is said that Chris Larsen is one of the billionaires in the bitcoin industry with $7.5 billion. It is estimated that his wealth mainly comes from his co-founder as Ripple.

The Cameron brothers and the brother Tyler Winklevoss are also among the billionaires of cryptocurrency. Given the positive forecasts of experts and analysts, it is expected that there will be more people in the industry who realize financial freedom.

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