IBM and Australian government sign $740 million agreement to protect data security with blockchain

Bloomberg reported on July 5 that IBM has signed a five-year A$1 billion ($740 million) agreement with the Australian government to use blockchain and other new technologies to improve data security.

The main content of the contract is that IBM will provide blockchain, automation and artificial intelligence technologies to the federal departments of Australia’s defense and internal affairs.

Harriet Green, head of IBM’s Asia Pacific region, said the new partnership allows Commonwealth citizens to access the world’s greatest technology across many government agencies.

She said the new partnership will push Australia to the top three in the world’s digital government.

In her interviews, Green has repeatedly emphasized the need to ensure citizen data security because data security is a fundamental innovation in the blockchain.

Green believes this collaboration is an important step towards Australia’s “paperless future” in different areas of national jurisdiction, including taxation and border control.

Just today, Huobi, the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange, has confirmed the launch of a new Australian trading platform. The new CEO of Huobi Australia said the exchange hopes to work with the growing Australian blockchain project and seek Mature market is listed.

The Australian government’s digital transformation agency has allocated $530,000 in the 2018-2019 budget and intends to use it for blockchain research, which was facilitated by the country’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

IBM itself has been steadily expanding its participation in different areas of the blockchain, and its blockchain platform has successfully supported the first time in real time for 20 companies and five major banks to operate their major trading plans.

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