Why is the blockchain scam project frequent?

On July 4th, a recording of Li Xiaolai, known as the “richest bit of Chinese bitcoin”, was exposed, which immediately triggered an earthquake in the entire currency circle. In the recording of nearly one hour, as the original New Oriental teacher, Li Xiaolai’s teacher was swearing all over the place, and swearing and swearing, not only had a sharp evaluation of many “coin circles”, but also “hands-on” teaching on how to cut the household’s leeks.

During the entire recording period, Li Xiaolai sneered at Buffett’s value investment, saying that “if you follow the trend and think that value investment is right, then you are destined to be a mediocre person.” Speculation is the shortcut to success. In this link, Fudge investors is an important part.

Interestingly, the traffic economy brought by NetRed seems to be a model approved by Li Xiaolai. When he talked about the success in recording, you must first be a net red, because net red means you have your own personal IP and Fans.

Although Li Xiaolai’s remarks are inevitably disgusting, what he said is not the current status of the currency. Just after Li Xiaolai’s recordings were exposed, Li Xiaolai himself did not deny his remarks, but merely responded to “deaf”, and the “believers” under his seat even had no reduction or increase. In their eyes, Li Xiaolai However, the current status of the current currency circle has been stated in a more crude way.

In fact, for the retail investors who have been in the currency for a while and gradually have their own perceptions, how can they not know that most of the current blockchain projects are scams, but even if they know that they are scams, as long as they are not the last ones The person in the field can always cut the leek, which is probably a common luck for many people in the currency circle. As everyone knows, no matter the succession, the speculative retail investors are the targets of the harvest.

In other words, although everyone knows that many of the currency projects are flickering, how to avoid “too many scammers, idiots are not enough”, the key is not to polish the eyes, but how to control their greed Convergence of your own luck.

The emergence and innovation of any technology is accompanied by the carnival of capital, as is the blockchain. So, why do you have so many scams depending on the currency of the blockchain?

First of all, the gradual hotening of ICO is one of the reasons why the speculative nature of digital currency has been tapped by a large number of investors. Blockchain, as an important technology that may propose new solutions for various fields in the future, is undoubtedly a hot one. According to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the scale of ICO in the first five months of 2018 is twice that of last year. However, the lack of brain access to speculative capital has made blockchain projects a mixed bag. The concept of national hype began in this way.

Secondly, in the context of the “blockchain” is expected to become the hot word of the year, almost all capable investors have come into contact with this concept, up to the 50-60-year-old aunt and aunt, to the college students who have just grown up. Fans of investment in blockchain projects, those who are eager to get rich overnight, and the chasing of money also make them lose their brains of independent thinking in the face of the currency.

Most importantly, in the dual background of finance and technology, blockchain technology has become the favorite packaging method for MLM scams. Compared with the traditional MLM model, celebrities endorsement is the biggest feature, such as asking Investors are blockchains. Most people only know a little about it. Just because of the platform of celebrities, many investors will be able to invest with confidence. This is the origin of Li Xiaolai’s theory of net red in recording.

In fact, the frequent occurrence of scams in blockchain projects has a lot to do with the lack of supervision by the regulatory authorities. This is mainly because the formulation of regulatory policies cannot keep up with the development of blockchain technology and ICO, although last year. In September, China has already rectified and banned ICO. However, it is not uncommon for project parties to avoid legal supervision through foreign registration and underground ICO mode. In this respect, the regulatory authorities need to strengthen their efforts to establish and improve. Industry standards to promote the good development of the blockchain industry.

For investors, on the one hand, we must polish our eyes, and do not blindly follow the temptation of the so-called “net red”. If you really believe that Li Xiaolai’s negative value investment advocates speculation, it is the right thing to do. On the other hand, rational investment, any so-called investment with a higher rate of benefit than usual, is likely to hide the “you want his interest, he wants your principal”-style scam.

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