This South Korea’s crypto currency wallet is on fire! The download volume exceeds 1% of the total population!

Speaking of the Korean cryptocurrency market, everyone knows that it is very hot. The admission of Korean aunt last year also promoted the occurrence of the big bull market. How much more is the Korean market? We recently got a data: In South Korea, the download volume of cryptocurrency wallets has reached an astonishing number, and the download volume of Coinmanager, the largest cryptocurrency wallet in Korea, has exceeded 400,000! It has reached 1% of the total population. We must know that the total population of South Korea is only about 40 million.

Korean hot money, with the strong performance of CoinManager, attracted a lot of attention, the famous economic authority media “Forbes” in an article entitled “How far is the blockchain from us?” Take two very fast-developing wallets as an example. One is China’s ImToken and the other is South Korea’s CoinManager.

As the first cryptocurrency wallet in Korea, with its huge traffic bonus, it is natural for the project side to chase. CoinManager has supported more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ether Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, and Dog. Coins, New Coins, Stellar Coins, Zcash, Monroe, Dash, IOTA, EOS, etc., support a wide range of currencies, and rank among the best in the world of the same type of wallet. When the new currency went online and entered the Korean market, the first thing was often announced to cooperate with CoinManager.

Like most blockchain teams, the miracle is more of a young person, and the CoinManager team is made up of a group of energetic young people.

This dynamic young team is full of expectations for the future of cryptocurrency wallets. In addition to the technical and operational simplicity of the wallet, they also pay special attention to the experience of older groups. CEO Wen Shengyou was interviewed before. I once said: Although there are a lot of virtual currency wallets on the market, most of them are very difficult to use. Their goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for more people to use crypto currency wallets. The product has to be “to be used by both mom and grandmother”.

In addition, he also stressed that many current wallets that only have the function of adding coins will become meaningless in the future. The main function of the cryptocurrency wallet in their eyes is definitely not to charge and withdraw coins. The wallet products they want to make are a financial tool that includes everything from quotes, data, information, news, and more.

He said that in fact, after investigation, I found that there are not many people who are willing to refer the coin to the wallet. It is very inconvenient to mention the wallet transaction, and it also requires a fee. Therefore, in the future, they will cooperate with the exchange to put the data of the exchange. Import the wallet so that users can view the virtual assets on each exchange directly through the wallet. He also said that in the future they will also provide the ability to trade on the exchange directly through the wallet. The only purpose of providing these features is to make it easier for more people to use the cryptocurrency wallet to truly create a wallet that everyone can easily use. Wen Shengyou revealed that their ultimate goal is to become the “Bloomberg” in the blockchain.

Regarding the security of the wallet, Wen Shengyou said that the biggest problem with most wallets now is to put the user’s personal information on their own servers, while the CoinManager wallet server does not store any encrypted data such as private keys, so even if the server is hacked. User data can also be secured. In addition, there are some preventive measures to ensure the safety of the wallet.

In the editor’s view, the future cryptocurrency wallet may be the world of blockchain, the second largest traffic entry in addition to the exchange, and is indispensable. As an important market with a global trading volume of more than 30%, the Korean market will be more and more inclined to lean toward the wallet. CoinManager, as the leader of Korea, will have unlimited development in the future, and we will keep close attention.

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