Yu Minhong denounces the title party: Don’t link the New Oriental to the currency circle

Yu Minhong commented on Li Xiaolai’s incident on his personal Weibo and friends circle. He clarified that since Li Xiaolai used to be a teacher of New Oriental (8 years ago), many nets now link New Oriental to the currency circle, and a series of headline parties appeared: Demystifying the epic behind-the-scenes black-handed – New Oriental, “New Oriental, Lanxiang of China’s leeks harvester!” I want to tell you that although New Oriental has a lot of entrepreneurs, I also recognize that New Oriental is a bit like an entrepreneur’s Huangpu. Military school (more than 200 people who have worked in New Oriental have made a good company), but New Oriental and I have never bought any XX coins, nor have I invested in any currency company. I don’t want to comment on the currency circle, but I and New Oriental only do things that can really generate social value. Anything that does not give people valuable services through hype cutting is not within the scope of New Oriental and my consideration, even if it can make people Get rich overnight.

On July 3, Li Xiaolai, a 6-digit bitcoin with a 6-digit bitcoin, was exposed for a 52-minute recording. In the recording, “Lie Xiaolai” commented on many coins and projects, saying that The virtual currency exchange is a “swindler exchange”, and the founder of a virtual currency institution “is definitely a flicker”. Of course, he has not let go of those investors who want to make a fortune, and their evaluation is “×× too much.” Afterwards, the media channel confirmed that this was indeed the voice of Li Xiaolai.

Li Xiaolai himself is regarded as the owner of Bitcoin and the “beneficiary”. This time, his “opening and tearing” seems to be only for some virtual currency with very poor quality and high risk, and may also reflect the confusion of virtual currency market. The unbearable side.

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