BAT giants have laid out blockchains next year or welcome a new round of shuffling

With the favorable policies, more and more companies are turning their attention to the field of new technology blockchain. In Chongqing, the blockchain industry innovation base was established as early as November last year. Recently, Hurun released top50 innovative brand block enterprises, and Chongqing was listed on the list. Not only that, but this company also received the tens of millions of investment from the Chongqing Industrial Guidance Fund.

User copyright can be determined in minutes

“Traditional methods confirm the right, the whole process may take 30 working days, which is really a laborious thing.” Hu Gang, founder of Xiaoxiu Intelligent, introduced the continuous upgrading of Chongqing’s support for blockchain enterprises, 2016 In the year, he led the team from Beijing to Chongqing, and cooperated with the Chongqing Copyright Bureau to solve the problem of determining the rights and troubles.

According to the introduction, the user submits the work to the Xiaoxiu intelligent and copyright chain. After the background review, the data will be written into the blockchain, and the minute level can be confirmed on the blockchain. According to the cooperation agreement between Xiaoxi Intelligent and the Municipal Copyright Bureau, the user can complete the relevant registration process such as the copyright registration certificate online and obtain the certificate smoothly.

A few days ago, Xiao Rhino was listed on the Top 50 Hurun Innovation Enterprises. Not only that, but it also won the tens of millions of investment from the Chongqing Industrial Guide Fund. It is understood that, based on the intangible characteristics of the blockchain, there are many enterprises that do traceability and copyright applications, and their principles and logic are similar.

AI smart on-demand locking evidence

Why is Chongqing’s copyright + blockchain enterprise so attractive? Hu Gang, the founder of Xiaoxi Intelligent, said that the core competitiveness of his team lies in the copyright asset management system. The unique feature of the model is the blockchain + AI in the copyright field. In addition to the most basic confirmation rights, it also includes the right to use and safeguard rights. , has a self-consistent closed-loop logic.

Hu Gang introduced that at present, the company has cooperated with Chongqing Notary Association to realize online electronic deposit certificate based on blockchain technology, and it is loaded into the notary chain to help users defend their rights. Hu Gang said that in the field of Internet copyright infringement, the main body is damaged by a period of time, and the offline notary is proved to be a point in time. At the same time, based on the characteristics of large traffic in the Internet domain, if there is no technical means, it is difficult to collect effective evidence, and it is difficult to effectively defend rights.

At present, Hu Gang’s team has been polishing the underlying technology for nearly 2 years. Take audiobooks as an example. Two hours of audio files are read at the minute level and the evidence is locked. At the same time, AI technology is applied to lock the key suspects on the Internet, and the evidence is locked on time and on demand in a smart on-demand manner.

The future is in the future of movie games

Hu Gang said that although the blockchain has evolved three versions in these years, it is only a technology. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, more concerned should be whether the company has upstream and downstream customers, whether it can solve market pain points, and whether there is a sustainable development model.

Hu Gang said that in the future, the company’s business will go deep into the cultural fields such as movies and games. In addition, the company will also help customers to increase the value of their ownership based on accumulation, so as to better use the right.

At present, Xiaoxi Intelligent is actively negotiating with the capital side for the preA round of financing. “In addition to the extra investment, we hope that the employers can have unique insights into the cultural and creative fields and bring resources to the company in order to complement each other.”

Chongqing’s “chain island” pattern is beginning to appear

According to the incomplete statistics of the blockchain training and consulting organization “Encryption University” and the reporter’s visit, as of mid-May 2018, there were 85 blockchain enterprises registered in the city, of which, the enterprises registered in the past year were 66 companies, accounting for 77.6%, 43 enterprises with registered capital of more than 10 million, accounting for 50.6%. In the past year, Chongqing’s blockchain has penetrated into various sub-applications, including multi-scenario applications based on human resources information blockchain deposits, Internet of Things areas, medical care, and cross-border e-commerce.

At the government level, favorable policies have been introduced. It is understood that in November 2017, the Chongqing Economic and Information Committee issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Innovation of Blockchain Industry”, which mentioned that by 2020, we will strive to build 2 to 5 blockchain industrial bases in the city. Introduce and cultivate more than 10 leading enterprises in the domestic segment of the blockchain, and have more than 50 blockchain enterprises with core technologies or growth types. Introduce and cultivate more than 500 senior talents in the blockchain, and build Chongqing into a domestic market. An important blockchain industry highland and innovative application base. On June 22 this year, Chongqing Yuzhong District issued the “Implementation Plan for the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy Action Plan led by the big data intelligence in Yuzhong District”, and proposed to build a “Chongqing Chain Island” intelligent industry service gathering area.

“Chongqing is the only municipality directly under the central government in the central and western regions. The introduction of relevant policies will highlight the attractiveness of talents and projects in the excellent blockchain.” Liu Chang, a senior science popularization scholar at Peking University, believes that Chongqing now has titanium. Star blockchain laboratory, Chongqing Digital Blockchain Research Institute, blockchain and big data laboratory and other research institutions, which also lay a solid foundation for blockchain talent reserve.

Experts remind: next year or usher in a new round of shuffling

From a nationwide perspective, BAT giants have entered the market, including well-known companies such as Cheetah Mobile, SF, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Century Jiayuan. The various blockchain trainings are constantly emerging.

“The blockchain is indeed an emerging technology that is eagerly circulated around the world. It is more suitable for large-scale, large-scale social interactions. From the current situation, the blockchain has not yet found a true large-scale commercial application, and it is still in its primary development. Stage.” Liu Chang introduced, in fact, in 2015, the blockchain industry has experienced a reshuffle, mainly focusing on the secret currency exchange industry. In the past one or two years, with the development of blockchain technology, the application of various applications, blockchain enterprises across the country have sprung up.

At present, there are still many speculators in the blockchain field, many of which stay at the conceptual level or have no clear business logic and profit model. “Although the blockchain is expected to continue to be optimistic, it is expected to usher in a new round of reshuffle next year.” Liu Chang reminded.

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