What is EOS memory RAM?

It has risen 15 times in a week and has risen 43 times in 13 days! In the case that other currencies are falling, something called RAM is skyrocketing, so what is RAM?

First, RAM is not a cryptocurrency, but a developer resource in the EOS ecosystem.

In the field of computers and mobile phones, RAM is commonly used as random access memory (RAM). It is a kind of random access memory, which is an important part that determines the running speed of computers and mobile phones. In EOS, RAM is also memory, which is a data memory, but it is a little different from memory in general.

On the EOS software platform, RAM is also a data memory, which is used to store DAPP related data, which is very valuable for developers, because developing DApp requires RAM space. To be an image metaphor, RAM is equivalent to the land, developers are equivalent to real estate developers, developers want to build a house must first have a land. And the land is just needed, because people always have a house to live in, the importance of which can be seen.

Therefore, RAM is not a cryptocurrency. It is not used for online trading. It is not used for “transactions”. To obtain RAM, you need to use EOS as a pledge in the EOS wallet Token Pocket. You can also reverse the operation to release the RAM to redeem the pledge EOS. Its original intention was not to speculate on profit, but to effectively allocate resources for development.

However, because RAM is available through EOS collateral and can redeem EOS, it actually creates a trading pair that opens the door to price speculation for speculators.

In summary, from the essence of EOS memory RAM, it is a resource provided to EOS developers, which should not be associated with cryptocurrency or speculation, but its EOS pledge redemption rules are also used by speculators. Price speculation.

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