3storich.com Review: 2%-3% daily for 15-30 days

3storich.com is a high yield investment program which mainly provides medium term deposit plans, and you can get back initial deposits after 15-30 days. It started on 10th Mar 2020. Admin bought Premium listing on my website last week, and all my withdrawal requests were processed successfully in the past. Now let me introduce it in details.

Started: 10th Mar 2020

My deposit: 0.068 BTC

BTC Hash: bf62aa47d446c3752433d41c3444bf998fb5f81ba33f5e2bc77f8b44bd007b8e

Investment Plans

(1) Minimum spend $50, earn 2% daily for 15 days and principal back

(2) Minimum spend $50, earn 2.2% daily for 20 days and principal back

(3) Minimum spend $50, earn 2.7% daily for 25 days and princpal back

(4) Minimum spend $50, earn 3% daily for 30 days and principal abck

(5) Deposit $1500-10000, earn 250% after 25 days

(6) Deposit $2000-40000, earn 500% after 35 days

(7) Deposit $5000-100000, earn 900% after 50 days

(8) Deposit $10000-500000, earn 2000% after 90 days

These are all the plans 3storich.com provides. If you are interested in it, I only suggest you to choose the first four plans, because the profit is in normal range and you can withdrawal daily profit. As for the “after plan”(the last four plans), I think they are more risky, so they are never my choice. Of course, no matter which plan you choose, don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Referral Commissions

3storich.com provides 10% referral commissions which is a profitable reward for promoters. If you join under my link, then welcome to submit RCB request within 24 hours after deposits. I will give back 10% of your deposit amounts when admin process it.

Payment Options

You can choose Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and BitcoinCash to deposit. By the way, WebMoney and PerfectMoney are on the way, so I think investors can operate with them in the near future.

Withdrawal Type

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $10 and the maximum amount is not limited.

More information

3storich.com designs an original template for its website. Just as admin claims, 3sToRich is a legal investment company incorporated in the Canada and whose registered office is at Canada/ Toronto/ King ST W/ No.725, if you are Canadian residents, you can go there to check.

These are what I want to tell you about 3storich.com, if you have more questions about it, you can contact their support through the online chat box at the bottom of their website. Also welcome to leave your payment proofs and opinions from the comment box below. More updates will be published in the future, thanks for your attention.

Register: https://3storich.com/register/?ref=hyiper

More: https://hyiper.net/blog/148.html

view detailed analysis of the project at HYIPLogs.com

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