EOS took a roller coaster and evaporated $16 billion

At the beginning of April, EOS, ONT and other public chain projects hit new highs, driving the currency circle to usher in a wave of small bull markets.

EOS broke through $22 at the end of April, and the mood was close to madness. Then the market ushered in a sharp adjustment and the market came to an abrupt end.

The EOS, which was launched on April 11, reached its peak on the 29th. The EOS price went from $6 to $23, an increase of 380%.

The capital market law was once again fulfilled. The price of EOS fell in May and June, falling below 7 dollars, with an adjustment rate of 70%.

From the market value of $23 billion at the high point to the market value of 7 billion at the low point, it has evaporated $16 billion in just two months!

However, in summary, EOS rose more than 30% in the second quarter of 18 years. If calculated according to BTC, the value of EOS is from 0.0008btc to 0.00126btc, which is more than 40% of BTC. But the long-term profit of holding money is far less than the band speculation, and it comes quickly and well.

The fluctuation of EOS price is like a roller coaster. It has risen sharply and has dropped rapidly. The stimulus is also endless.

Today, we analyze from the perspective of the re-opening, EOS roller coaster-like market, how to let many people step by step to the abyss.

Double factor make to be EOS ride roller coaster

Looking back at April, EOS was the most important and well-known expectation at the time – the main online line in early June.

At the beginning of the EOS start-up, the time point of June 2018 was established. This provides a time course for subsequent speculation.

The DPOS consensus mechanism adopted by EOS needs to elect a super node. This heavy event is another big positive factor for the strong currency price trend.

EOS will issue 5% of the total tokens to 21 super nodes each year, and then change to 1%, but it is still profitable. To become a super node, you need to have more EOS. This mechanism attracts many giants to compete and create the fact that EOS is rushing.

Time: Early June.

Event aspect: Super node campaign.

The funds around these two big benefits have opened up a vigorous EOS market. Combined with the price trend, EOS important events and time points correspond one-to-one, more clearly and intuitively understand, this hot money speculation.

From the beginning of April, EOS held the Hong Kong Conference, the super-node campaign began to heat up, and the funds gradually opened positions, slowly opening the curtain, and the US dollar rose to US$9;

In the following few days, the market sent Wenzhou to help the 4 billion admissions, and the EOS price pushed up to 12 dollars again;

Waiting to go to the mining pool, the exchange announced that it joined the super-node campaign, the market reached its climax, entered the acceleration zone, and the currency price finally reached its peak on April 29th – 23 US dollars.

Mid-term hype: Gradually cashed in, the price of the currency fluctuates widely (the amount can be weakened)

After the EOS volume reached its peak, a small adjustment was made in early May. Then the EOS community released a list of super nodes. The price of the currency returned to US$20 and entered the high consolidation stage.

After EOS42 released the attack test results, the three nodes resisted the failure, causing a crisis of confidence, causing EOS to fall to $15;

In mid-May, Block.one released 15 EOS node agreements, and the number of super nodes in China reached 43. The EOS fluctuated widely and fell to a minimum of 11 dollars.

At the end of May, EOS announced the completion of $4.2 billion in financing, and Block.one released EOSIO 1.0, at which point the price returned to $15, which was significantly weaker than the previous period.

Late speculation: the price of the currency fell sharply (the amount can shrink)

In June, along with the announcement of the main network, EOS rushed to the $15 and then started the diving mode, directly falling to $11;

The voting progress was slow in the next few days, and it was only officially reached 15% on June 15th. The amount could begin to weaken;

After that, the EOS Core Arbitration Forum freezes 27 accounts, and under the influence of BM’s revised constitution and other bad news, EOS hits a minimum of $7.

From the initial good stimulus, the volume and price have risen; to the gradual cashing of the middle and late period, the price of the currency has dumbled again and again.

In summary, the detailed time points and corresponding events, the dual factors shape the EOS roller coaster market from the peak to the bottom.

EOS rebounded strongly in early July and has now returned to $9. But this time the funds seem to have changed to a battlefield, targeting EOS-RAM, which has now risen eight times in just two days.

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