Bitcoin and the World Cup: there are very few opportunities to pay with cryptocurrencies at the World Cup

The current FIFA World Cup in Russia highlights the world’s best football players and gives people more opportunities to learn about the life of the host country. Thousands of fans from all over the world came to host the city. There, they buy souvenirs, eat at restaurants, and enjoy nightlife at the club. This World Cup is a global event. In this case, does cryptocurrency gain traction as a payment mechanism, even though they are not regulated by Russian law in any specific way? We decided to check the real situation of using cryptocurrency payment services, and then went to some stores that announced their use of digital currency in various ways.

A restaurant called Valenok specializes in Russian cuisine and is one of the first places in Moscow to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment. As early as last year, a customer paid for dinner in Bitcoin, which was widely reported by local media.

Our conversation with restaurant employee Viktoria started like this: “Hello, I want to book a table for me and my friend from Serbia, but there is a nuance: they want to pay in bitcoin.” At the beginning, she was I was happy with this unexpected request, nodded and agreed, but suddenly she stopped and thought about it, let us wait a little while. She said: “I know that we have accepted Bitcoin many times in the past, but I have to ask if we can do this now.” Viktoria came back after about 30 seconds, apologized and said with dismay: “We don’t use encryption now. Currency, but you can pay by credit card or cash. We may accept the digital currency again sometime in the future, but I don’t know when this will happen.

Oh, well, we didn’t go right at first, but there is no need to be discouraged!”

The next place we decided to go was Lavka Lavka, a farmer’s cooperative that promoted the possibility of using Bitcoin to buy products on its official website.

“Unfortunately, we don’t accept Bitcoin for the time being,” the store manager immediately doubled our disappointment, but added: “On the Internet, you can buy any product with our local cryptocurrency biocoin. It can be traded. The purchase can also be used as a bonus on each purchase, depending on the amount of the bill.”

In order not to be discouraged, we went to the craft beer and apple bars and shops in one of the Pivoteka 465 chain stores.

“Of course, you can pay in Bitcoin here. We will generate a QR code for you at the checkout counter, and you can use your smartphone to extract the required amount from your Wallet.”

This is exactly what we did, and it was very successful: the most popular drinks among Moscow fans can be purchased in cryptocurrencies!
By the way, we also tried to book a room with Bitcoin at the SPBInn Hotel in St. Petersburg, and we succeeded. All we have to do is send the required cryptocurrency to the hotel’s e-wallet address and call the manager to confirm the money received. Very convenient!

However, it must be pointed out that all these scenarios are not so much a rule as an exception. Most places, even in the center of Moscow, do not accept digital currency, let alone other smaller host cities, where the cryptocurrency is only on the radar of individual enthusiasts. In addition, even the fans we are now questioning are more willing to pay in a more traditional way, whether it is credit card or cash: in the exchange office in the center of Moscow, there is a long queue in the days of the competition.

“Encouragingly, some companies are trying to use cryptocurrencies in theory. This means that we are not only turning the wheels, but are making some progress, people are ready to pick up new market trends and forms, even for them. Demand is still low,” ICOBox is the world’s largest supplier of SaaS solutions for ICO, and its co-founder Daria Generalova commented. “Of course, it’s too early to talk about this World Cup, but I The possibility that the situation in Russia and Europe may change in the next two years is not ruled out. The digital currency will be regulated and market participants will begin to understand the rules of cooperation with it.”

Therefore, the final result of our attempt to pay in Bitcoin in Russia is a respectable 2:2 draw – two gourmet venues refuse to serve us with our bitcoin, while a bar and a hotel accept our services . Let us look forward to a better result in the next World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

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