Russian military will use blockchain technology to strengthen national defense network security

According to Russian media Izvestia, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is building a unique research laboratory at ERA Technology Park to develop blockchain technology and apply it to strengthen cybersecurity and combat cyber attacks against critical information infrastructure. Experts believe that the blockchain will help the military track the source of hacking and improve the security of its database.

According to Kaspersky Lab anti-virus expert Alexey Malanov, blockchain technology helps track hackers, he added:

“Network intruders typically clear the permissions log to hide traces of unauthorized access to the device. But if the logs are spread across multiple devices (for example, through blockchain technology), the risk can be minimized.”

As an innovative and practical technology, blockchain can be successfully applied to business and the military. Computer viruses change data or software code and try to cover themselves from the data integrity controller. At the same time, the blockchain can store reference codes and ensure independent verification and data/code validity.

In addition to a private network for transmitting secret coded information, the Department of Defense has systems and devices connected to the Internet. The various administrative departments within the Department use these systems and equipment for accounting and workflow management, which makes them vulnerable to hacking.

German Economic Development Fund Chairman German Klimenko said:

“At present, the Ministry of Defence is vigorously promoting IT development and research work, which is a good thing for the industry.”

The 8th Bureau of the General Staff, responsible for information security and state secrets protection, will be responsible for R&D activities within the ERA Technology Park. ERA is very professional in creating intelligent systems that can be used to detect and block computer attacks against military information infrastructure. In the future, ERA is expected to become an IT industry center for experts from all over the country.

NATO and the Pentagon are also studying the “defensive” application of blockchain. This technology is actively used to protect systems from cyber attacks. NATO will use blockchain to protect financial information, supply and logistics chains, while the Pentagon is developing a data transmission system that protects against hackers.

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