UK Food Standards Agency successfully completed blockchain technology pilot

According to the announcement issued on July 2, the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) successfully completed the blockchain technology pilot. According to reports, this is the first time the blockchain has been used as a regulatory tool to ensure compliance in the food industry.

The pilot was conducted at a cattle slaughterhouse where the Food Standards Bureau and the slaughterhouse were authorized to obtain data to improve the transparency of the food supply chain. In July, the Food Standards Agency is seeking to launch another pilot that will allow farmers to obtain animal-related data from their farms. Sian Thomas, head of information management, said:

“We have developed industry data standards that make theory a reality, and I am very pleased that we have demonstrated the effectiveness of the blockchain in this part of the food industry. There are now many opportunities for industry and government to work together to expand and develop this. ”

The Food Standards Agency said that they will try to implement the plan in other factories in the future. The agency said that in order to use the blockchain for a long time, it must be dominated by an industry because the current data model is only used to collect and disseminate inspection results.

The blockchain continues to gain momentum in the supply chain, which will reduce inventory management and increase efficiency. Recently, Wal-Mart, Nestle, Dole Food and other companies have partnered with IBM to track the global food supply chain through blockchain technology.

Last month, Microsoft partnered with blockchain traceability solution provider Ardents to develop a new product tracking platform using blockchain and artificial intelligence. The system is reported to provide end-to-end traceability and visibility from the original point of the entire supply chain and allows users to track individual products in the box.

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