How to examine the value of the blockchain from the perspective of the Austrian economics school?

Many times, everyone saw this sentence at the very beginning, and it was marked red. You may wonder why I always put this sentence at the beginning. The May Fourth Movement may be the enlightenment of China’s modern spirit. We are arrogant in the ground and really want to try to stand up and fight for the motherland we are guarding. When you really hold your fist, you are qualified to say that the world is going to rise and fall, and the husband is responsible. But in the current world, people’s knowledge and skills are greatly improved, but the level of cognition is still at a lower level. Have we really thought about the current rapid development in China? Why is the blockchain sure to have a future? Why is the blockchain necessarily pushing the world to a new height? Most people only decide their own decisions because of the fiery phenomenon, they are manipulated without knowing themselves, they are being played and not self-satisfied, never thinking about the origin of logic, the root of the world. It’s very likely that some people will get up with the dividends of the industry or trend, but when the trend comes down, where do you come from, where to go. This is why no work is done, which is why science is not yet popular, which is why science must be universal.

I want to take everyone into the world of Austrian economics, and really use economic thinking and vision to analyze and dissect the economic laws and logic behind the operation of things. You can throw a primer today. Austrian advocates freedom, freedom is low threshold or no threshold. When trading activity has low threshold or no threshold, the transaction frequency and efficiency can be greatly improved, the number of effective transactions can be greatly improved, and the number of effective transactions is larger. The faster the development, the higher the rate of effective transactions, the higher the rate of economic development. The reason why China has soared, because the enlightened rulers have provided great tolerance and space for the innovation of the people, people have promoted the rapid development of the entire economy through various innovations and various attempts to trade. The essence of the blockchain is to build the entire credit system based on consensus. The construction of the credit system is essentially to lower the trading threshold. Blockchain can tend to limit the trading threshold indefinitely, that is, tend to promote economic development indefinitely. This is the real development and future.

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