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Hello, dear HYIP investors. In This article, I will write something about Variobit(, which is a program lasting for more than a year already. During the last days, most investors are paid regularly, especially for some very huge invesments such as tens thousands of dollars, I think such phenomenon is normal in this industry, because no HYIP programs can pay you regularly if you invest more than 100000 dollars. All veterans are clear about this hidden rule, so big amount investments always belong to newbies.

During the last two days, you may find that speed of Variobit( slows down than before, and sometimes even can’t open up. I think it is the reason that too many members joined this program now, so the server is overloaded, or maybe the website is attacked by competitors. Even HYIP monitors can also be attacked by competitors, let alone investment programs which have more money flow.

Now we can find that the admin use CND on their website to relieve the pressure. I think there is no need for us to be worried, because if the admin plan to run for another long period, such issue is not a big issue. Let’s just wait and see how long will Variobit( keep to live.

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