Did everyone really treat USDT as USD?

USDT, idiot!

Do not take any consensus as it should. Is the USDT value really solid? Is the USD value really solid? What about bitcoin? What about gold?

In the first two days, the USDT added another 250 million pieces. This year, from January to June, only a few months later, it was issued eight more times. Basically, it was generous every time. Several billions and hundreds billions of additional funds were issued. I, service, what’s this brain.

Let’s give everyone a look at their record, shouting every day to save the digital currency on the market, every time after the end of each additional release, basically fell back to the prototype in three days, seven days, people go tea cool, give birth to a pit. The big fish couldn’t understand how this group of people would use their brains as central banks and say they want to save the market every day. First, you don’t have this capital, but the central bank has resources that you don’t have. You only have a bunch of numbers. Do you think that USDT is so leverage every day, and is there so much money behind him? Second, you can’t understand the economics of the Austrian school. The state’s regulation and control are all within a certain limit. Moreover, numerous times of regulation and control have shown that the palliatives are not a solution. How does the USDT’s Da Hang help you fill in? Retailer? Amaranth?

The USDT outlook is worth exploring, I just hope that he will not harm our lovely leeks. It seems that cutting the leek is still the best cut USDT, we may wish to take a long look to see how long the USDT can not hold a dollar this mark. By the way, all countries have started to make preparations for the legal digital currency of their families. If they are elected, do they choose to believe that the country’s sovereign digital currency is a cute USDT?

After yesterday’s pull-up, the BTC has maintained a narrow range of shocks. A slight setback occurred during the period and was immediately recovered and continued to remain sideways, standing above the 120 MA. However, at the current stage of the market, the sideways market does not mean that it is stable. There is no breakthrough in volume to support the previous pull-up. There is no major positive news to stimulate the market. The market is more likely to be dominated by empty ones, and it is likely to continue to fall. The current price is rallying around the support level of $6,400. If it fails to continue to make heavy volume breakthroughs, it is more likely to return to around $610. If heavy losses continue, it will be possible to test the pressure of $6,800. At this stage, you can try to ambush in a small position, and you must control the position. Otherwise, you will be able to avoid the risk. The temptation is not terrible. The temptation of profit is always accompanied by the risk of loss.

After the ETH pulled up yesterday, it also fell slightly, fell over the $450 support, and was reclaimed. At this stage, the market lacks information boosting and stimulation of capital and funds. The main parties of all parties have avoided too many contrarians, so most major currencies in the market tend to be linked. The ETH support is $420 and the top pressure is $480 and $500. At this stage, you can try to ambush in a small position, remember to control the risk, not too much.

Since pulling up yesterday, EOS has been maintaining a sideways trend overall, and it has not yet been able to break through the 8.3 USD pressure level at 8 o’clock yesterday evening. It then fell back to 8 USD to form short-term support. The previous pull-up is suspected to be related to the entry of large funds, but it has not changed the characteristics of the bear market. The average line is about to get entangled, indicating that the diving is gradually stabilizing. The next step is to wait for the market to make a choice. Therefore, this stage is recommended to be light. Looking at the position, you can do T in a small position within the range of 7.7-8.3 US dollars, such as a break below the 7.7 dollar stop loss.

The BCH is now hovering around $740. Before the rise, there was no effective break before the previous high of $772. Yesterday’s wave fell effectively when it hit the 200 moving average and stopped at $740. The previous bounce did not receive the maintenance of quantity and energy at this location. Currently, the amount can be relatively weak, and there is a risk of stepping back to $700. At this stage, it is recommended to raise the low position in the small position near 740 USD, pay attention to fast forward and fast out, if the price breaks down the 200 moving average (about 722 USD) and reduce the stop loss in time.

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