Be careful with high return HYIP programs

In this article, I will expose a trap in HYIP industry which new comers may step into. Just as the title said, the problem is spearheaded at high return  HYIP programs, they always provide investment plans like “500% afte one day”, “800% after one day”, “20% hourly for 10 hours” or so, which daily net profit is further higher than 100%. In fact, daily net profit is higher than 10% already in huge risk, let alone over 100%.

Now let me take some examples, such as,, and so on. Maybe veterans will say that such program never pay obviously, but there are so many newbies in HYIP industry and many of them like to invest such program, because they want to earn most money here. When they deposit money in such programs, they will never be paid. Instead, newbies will receive a newsletter from the admin like “please deposit another 100 dollars so that you can avtivate your current money on balance to withdraw.” And what confused me is that, more than half newbies will really deposit the money which was required by admins. Of course, the result is they will lose more.

So in all investment fields, you should find the most perfect combination between profit and security. Especially investors who can only see the profit but not see the security will lose all their money in the end.

Remember my word: after an investment cycle, if your daily net profit is higher than 10%(namely excluded principal), never try such program even with one dollar.

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