ETH price falls sharply, old players come to talk about something about it

“The current economic environment is too fragile, and the country should adopt measures to stabilize the market and prevent recession.” Two centuries ago, several dozens of countries had served as leaders to preach. The words should be said, and the work has been done, but the effect is difficult to achieve, why? The logic is wrong. The economy is anti-fragile, and the opposite of the fragility of the economy is not stability and anti-fragility. Economists are not confused, but they have to be confused when doing things for political achievements. In the short term, we want to achieve economic indicators through monetary policy or macroeconomic control. Keynesian times have been beaten many times. The numbers have gone up. The entire economic environment has become more fragile. The next term must be filled with pits. The children and grandchildren are boundless. .

Anti-fragility is the nature of certain things, and it is also an external manifestation. It can be connected with Marxist dialectical materialism. What is anti-vulnerability? The abstraction is that through the unstable environment and unfavorable factors, the depth and breadth of the ontology itself are enhanced, and under a limited risk, a large area of ​​rebound is achieved. The big vernacular is that I don’t defend against unfavorable circumstances, I die even if I die. There is no truth in the world of big fish. It is only reasonable and unreasonable. Marx also has his limitations, and he cannot keep up with the times and cannot explain the reality. That is unreasonable. Those who have been repeatedly tested by practice are justified. This point of contradiction theory I think is reasonable, which is the performance of the environment and things in the movement and change. We always want to predict the future so that we can find solutions to protect against risks. That is what we think about in logic, how can we eliminate the loss caused by randomness and instability and ensure the stability of the system. Dozens of large-scale macro-prediction and regulation in the last century have caused chickens in Montreal to be unreasonable and wrong. That is why it is reasonable to kick off the premise that “unfavorable environment is bad,” and in addition to the logic that “the weak side is stable and resistant,” it accepts the logic of anti-fragility. In this regard, the Austrian faction is justified. If the economy is down, it is a bad thing. You don’t tamper with it. Every time the adverse environment, the economy corrects and grows in the perspective of hundreds of millions of people and interests. As for how to let individuals and companies get anti-fragility, please listen to the next decomposition.

The older brother shared with the fishmeal every day. Everyone shared more messages and shared more. The big fish were also happy. In order to let everyone think more, the Big Fish gave you a pie chart equivalent to preparing food and meals. The problem is that you have to learn how to eat fast food, otherwise, only the share of washing dishes is slightly.

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