Zhu Bo in Wu Zhen conference: It is easy to talk about value investment in the blockchain industry.

On June 29th, the “2018 World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen” was grandly opened at Wuzhen International Internet Conference Center. The conference invited 1000+ high quality representatives, 50+ quality VC/PE investors to attend, 50+ financial institutions, 80+ financial technology innovation companies, and 100+ cooperation media to attend. As reported, 8BTC will provide 60 hours of live media for the conference.

In the “Now the Unicorn: Wuzhen Blockchain Investment Forum” held in the afternoon, Zhu Bo, the founder of the famous investor and dream catcher fund known as the “90s after the pitcher,” published the title “Blockchain”. The Value of Investment” speech. The following is a selection of speeches by 8BTC.

1. Investing in the blockchain, why is it more and more panic?

Zhu Bo said that he became a classical investor, he has stepped into the blockchain after half a foot, and now half is a classical investor and half is a blockchain investor. Since last year, Zhu Bo has turned 70%-80% of its investment into blockchain projects. However, he became more and more nervous in his mind. why?

“We have seen that the blockchain industry was basically speculation last year. Many people do not really value the project, but ask when the exchange can be put on the market and when the currency can be sold, causing the investors to violate the value investment. This is the reason why classical investors often dare not come in easily.”

2. Talk about value investing in the blockchain industry, it won’t be easy

Zhu Bo believes that the Internet at the end of the 1990s is similar to today’s blockchain. According to him,

“At the time, a business plan could have earned millions or even tens of millions of dollars. At that time, the madness was driven by the government. Many people desperately wrote business plans.”

Of course, the Internet bubble in 2002 caused more than 95% of Internet companies to close down, and almost the entire industry mourned when it failed. Therefore, Zhu Bo, who has been the person of the past, can maintain a calm state of mind for any events that occur in the blockchain industry today (small series note: commonly known as the “Buddhist system”).

Zhu Bo bluntly said that it is not easy to make value investment in the blockchain industry. In classical investment, investing in a project is basically no bubbling for seven years, and investors need to have enough patience to accompany entrepreneurs for ten years (small editorial: this is the same as the investment philosophy of Zhang Ling, the investment director of the coin incubator)

“However, today’s blockchain industry is disorderly. There are securities companies, accounting firms, brokers, and various industry sectors in equity investment, but in the blockchain industry, because you don’t have Tools, no one can believe that many people believe that after selling the coins, they will leave, regardless of the life and death of the receivers. This is the reality.”

Therefore, due to the lack of this environment, it is very difficult to talk about value investment in the blockchain industry.

3. Blockchain entrepreneurs have a bright light in their hearts

Zhu Bo said in his speech that from the speculation year of the blockchain to the value year of the blockchain around the Spring Festival of 2018. Value investment depends on a series of issues such as the team, the business environment, project development, and the maturity of the industry to determine whether this project is worthwhile.

Compared to equity ownership, Zhu Bo believes that blockchain entrepreneurship is too difficult:

“Entrepreneurs are not only trying to achieve the cattle that they have blown, but they also have to fight in the third place: one is to do products, the second is to maintain the currency after the currency, and the third is to take care of the construction of the ecological chain. For this reason, Blockchain entrepreneurs require far more than equity entrepreneurs.”

Although blockchain entrepreneurship is difficult, it is still a great opportunity. Zhu Bo believes that the revolution in the blockchain has brought about a very large opportunity for humankind, even more than the Internet, mobile Internet, and communications, adding to the opportunities of many human beings. However, today’s entrepreneurs need to know what they want to do in the face of such a big opportunity. This point Zhu Bo repeatedly stressed.

Talking about the original intention of investing in the blockchain, Zhu Bo recalled:

“It is precisely because of the huge prospects of the entire blockchain industry that today our new leeks are cut by old leeks; many people are waiting here today to see who can come in and take a kick; many people want to go in but don’t know what to believe What. I went to the United States during the Spring Festival this year and returned to the office of the first company I founded in the United States. I was thinking about whether I was doing something in the blockchain industry. I stayed in the US for 10 days in February this year. , took a reflection of the journey, and after returning I started preparing my own blockchain project in March.”

At the end of the speech, Zhu Bo urged everyone to work together to safeguard the development of the entire blockchain industry and endeavored to gain recognition from all parties, because today’s blockchain industry still needs a period of exploration. I hope this exploration period will be shorter and I hope everyone will Go ahead.

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