Change the rules as their own will, EOS into a crisis of confidence?

Not every investor has enough patience to wait for a blockchain project that appears to be “centralized” to grow.

The main online line has become a watershed for EOS. How many currency holders are looking forward to eos has just been in the ascendant, but it has been a mess.

Yesterday, the chief ambassador of the EOS said: “The current constitutional law is not wise. I am prepared to delete the existing constitutional law and replace it with the new constitutional law.”

This move shocked me and waited for me to eat melons, saying that the good code is the law. If we do not agree with the law, then directly change the rules of the game?

Some netizens vomited: “Where is the blockchain, this is obviously a game of centralized power!” But this move by EOS has also been recognized by some iron powder: “Modification of the law is to better go Centralized! This is a good thing!”

Why are you publishing a new constitution?

The code genius BM explained: “When you resolve a dispute, if you give the arbiter an exclusive right, it will only attract more criticisms, and many decisions will be made more arbitrary. In short, the greater the power that the arbitrator has, The more intense and prolonged the dispute will be, the more likely the final result will be unexpected.”

In fact, the revision of the constitutional law was not suddenly decided by BM. A series of events that occurred before this point have caused EOS to be on the verge of a “confidence crisis.”

On the second day of the official launch of the main network, a loophole in the EOS consensus agreement caused the entire network to be frozen for five hours. At that time, it caused anxiety in the community. Why did a small loophole make the main website stop for five hours?

Everyone doubts whether they can afford more DApps after questioning EOS Ecology. This is just the beginning of group questioning.

EOS first arbitration

On June 17th, 21 block producers discovered that 7 accounts suspected to be pirating through phishing websites, so they actively frozen the 7 accounts.

The first time it caused controversy, 21 small centers can determine the account of others? Even if the banks did not exercise such power, ah?

In fact, EOS has an independent “provisional department” called ECAF. You can think of it as an arbitration institution and it is for the purpose of solving disputes. Therefore, “whether or not to freeze the accounts of these seven individuals” should be decided by the arbitration agency. However, none of the 21 block producers said that they had finalized the treatment plan in private. This behavior actually violated EOS’s constitution.

Although the 19th ECAF finally decided to freeze the account, the masses are still dissatisfied:

First, it does not follow the rules at all. How can we trust in the future?

Second, please come up with evidence. This time, it is freezing piracy. Is it possible that the next suspected drug trafficking or gambling may be frozen? What kind of play is there in this blockchain?

The second freeze of 27 accounts is unclear

If it was only a fuse for the first time, then the second time it caused public outrage and slammed.

On June 23, ECAF informed all nodes to freeze the transfer of 27 accounts and stated that the reason was given later. The entire eos community has been bombed. Everyone can automatically make up for the feeling that your bank card is frozen inexplicably.

Everyone is alert, if this temporary department becomes a formal department, is it because of having it? Even if they are a little conscience, it is difficult to guarantee that those 21 production blocks will not be evil.

But slowly, the voice of the supporters:

“I heard that these accounts are all suspected of fraud, stolen money, can only be said to be good, our cakes, cockroaches are not often stolen and can not find back? They are actually doing our accounts Safeguarding, this is a big step forward in the blockchain.”

I don’t know if it’s out of ridicule or praise. A foreign netizen deliberately made his private key public, and said “come stealing my coins”, although there are only 5 eos in the wallet. He said: “EOS is very safe. Even if it is cheated, ECAF will find it for me.”

Some netizens joked: “In addition to constitutional law, arbitration organizations, it is recommended that EOS should be provided with a court, a jury, and a community police officer.”

Anxious BM issued regulations

Ever since, many people have seen EOS as an experiment in a distributed autonomous community. There are “constitutional and legal”, administrative departments, and arbitration institutions. BM tries to bring a zone of code and human common governance to everyone. Blockchain develops new ideas.

However, this experiment did not seem to have progressed smoothly. Even at this time, EOS fell into a huge controversy. BM himself also worry about the future of EOS:

“Despite the fact that the constitutional law and arbitration agencies were originally set up with a noble purpose, when these have not yet been determined, forcing people to accept what they do not understand will only trigger their rebellious attitude.”

Naturally, BM is not willing to let scenes fall into this embarrassing situation. Therefore, there is a move that will push back. The new version of the constitutional law is also trying its best to balance the ECAF and the community. It will clearly stipulate the procedures of arbitration and the rules and regulations of the block producers, the rule of returning to the people, and the code of codes.

Is EOS finally able to embark on the broad road it envisaged?

EOS is a phenomenon unique to the currency circle. Its dramatic development has broken all kinds of records and the imagination of speculators. Whether it is black powder or iron powder, every move can attract people’s attention.

The blockchain blogger on Twitter thinks: “EOS relies on a temporary “constitution” and depends on code that needs people to explain. Finally, it will only lead to EOS becoming a labor-intensive, exclusive, and completely relying on judicial area. Blockchain, and the entire community has become unexpandable.”

In the end, if it can go on the road to assumption, we can’t assert.

The current situation of eos is as irresistible as its currency price. On the one hand, it is a loophole like a gopher and on the other is the disharmony of the community. It is easy to change a constitution, and fixing a loophole can also be solved in time. However, not every investor has enough patience to wait for a blockchain project that appears to be “centralized” to grow up.

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