World Blockchain Conference Held in Wuzhen – theme is “Seeing the Future”

On the morning of June 29th, “2018 saw the future • World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen” officially opened at the Wuzhen International Internet Conference Center. The conference invited 1000+ high-end representatives, 50+ heavyweight VC/PE investors to attend, 50+ financial institutions, 80+ financial technology innovation companies, and 100+ cooperation media to attend. The conference provides 60 hours of media coverage.

The World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen) invited government officials, technical experts, well-known scholars, investment elites, business leaders, and cross-border cafes to gather here. The guests of the Blockchain Association of Zhejiang Province, Jin Xuejun and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, were present at the meeting. Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics Yu Jianing, Zhang Yifeng, Dean of the Bank of China Blocks Blockchain Technology Institute, famous science fiction writer, author Liu Shixin of “Three-Body”, Yuan Dao, Chairman of the China Blockchain Industry Alliance, and Bai Sheng, Director of ChinaLedger Technical Committee Prof. Li Guoquan of Singapore Xinyue University of Science and Technology, Professor Yang Dong of Renmin University of China, Zhanke Group of Bitland Co-founder, Wen Hao of Bisite, Founder of quantum chain Shuai Qiao, founder of quantum school Luo Jinhai, founder of Pan City Capital, Chen Weixing, Mr. Yuan Yuming, President of the Huobang Blockchain Research Institute, Zhang Ling, Chief Investment Officer of the Coin Incubator, and Ji Jiwang, CEO of, were among the best in the industry, colliding with the spark of wisdom.

Jin Xuejun, chairman of the Blockchain Technology Application Association of Zhejiang Province attended the conference and gave an opening speech. Jin Xuejun said: In the coming period, as blockchain technology continues to mature, its application will bring several aspects of value. The first is to promote the development of a new generation of information technology industry; the second is to provide technical support for economic and social transformation and upgrading; the third is to cultivate new opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation; the fourth is to provide technical means for the improvement of social management and governance.

In addition to the heavy coffee in the town, the highlights of the summit include one main venue and eight sub-branches. To discuss the development of the industry, the “Discovery of a Thousand Flags: Block Chains 3.0” sub-forum, discuss “industry regulation and blockchain governance” sub-forum on industrial law and policy supervision and legal governance, and discover the future investment opportunities. “Unicorn” forum, focus on the blockchain in the real economy using the “Opportunities and Challenges – Blockchain Enabling Real Economics” sub-forum, concerned about digital economic security “digital assets and user privacy – District Blockchain is applied to the Security Forum” sub-forum, philosophical AI and blockchain future sci-fi world “AI•cross-border” sub-forum, research on the blockchain to bring about the economic development of the pass The chain business model is divided into sub-forums, as well as the sub-forum of “Beyond the original chain.” In addition, the conference also set up the award of the “Big Cone” award by the original author of the 8BTC, and the award-winning project “The Billboard”.

Bai Shuo: Modeling the Digital Asset Market Technology Ecology

Bai Shuo, former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and director of the ChinaLedger Technical Committee, was invited to the scene and brought a keynote speech on “Shaping the Digital Eco-Technology Ecology”. Bai Shuo pointed out that since the beginning of 2018, there has been a new trend in the blockchain industry. The currency circle and the chain circle have you and me. And it has evolved two new models. One is to build alliance chains on the basis of public chains, and the other is to build public chains on the basis of alliance chains or licensing chains. The concept of wallets and mining machines has also been extended. Everything is traded and everything is mined. For the future, Bai Shuo also put forward his own proposal. He suggested that we should be alert to the return of centralization. Randomness can be used to avoid this situation. In addition, he suggested that the AI’s entry can also help the blockchain to provide supplementary services.

Zhang Yifeng: Blockchain and distributed identity

Zhang Yifeng, Dean of the China Boxing Blockchain Technology Institute, gave a keynote speech titled “blockchain and distributed identity.” Zhang Yifeng said that the basic elements of a distributed identity system, including all identity persons, have asymmetric keys. Individuals use distributed IDs in their application scenarios. DIDs identify autonomous identities. Using blockchain, it is more desirable to use identity-based open blockchain, or simply the open licensing model, as a platform for future distributed key management. All DIDs are registered on the blockchain and can be retrieved. The application of DID is very extensive. Today, all Internet applications and applications in the real world are closely related to identity.

Li Guoquan: Blockchain and social expansion

Prof. Li Guoquan of Singapore Xinyue University of Social Science brought the theme of “blockchain and social expansion” to share. He pointed out that in the generalization of the future world, the pass can be used as an incentive mechanism for strong cooperation, free cross-border, fragmented and diversified ownership, and universality – Hui Tong Tian Xia, Hui Tong Tian Xia, Hui Tong Tian Xia .

Blockchain is not a belief. We don’t need to worship the blockchain. Blockchain is the defender of human dignity. Only by trusting the blockchain can we protect human dignity. Every node can have autonomy and it is truly decentralized. You can have many nodes. If each node has the same idea, you cannot have autonomy. Blockchains with many nodes are not decentralized blockchains. My desires are the same as those in many blockchain circles. I hope that the blockchain will be able to achieve the best in the world, benefit the world, and communicate with the world.

Kavita Gupta: The Investment Way in the New Passage Era

Kavita Gupta, Partner of Consensys Venture, mentioned five obstacles to blockchain technology in his speech entitled “Investing in the New Passage Era”, which are the complexity of technology construction and limited transaction processing capacity (extensibility). , Miner’s centralization, poor user experience, and lack of important management tools (a large number of attacks). She believes that these problems can be solved with Ethereum technology such as fragmentation, Plasma, Casper, and more extensive education.

8BTC: Publishing Think Tank Release White Paper

When 8BTC partner Li Zongzao released the white paper of the 8BTC think tank in the “World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen”, he said: The 8BTC think tank wants to obtain some forward-looking views and judgments through in-depth research and see the future through wisdom. The main content of the 8BTC think tank is to conduct in-depth research on the core content and core topics in the blockchain field and regularly publish research reports. The initial focus of doing 8BTC think tanks is mainly to provide investors with decision-making basis through research, provide direction for entrepreneurs, use white paper reports, promote value sharing, value sharing, and value creation. 8BTC think tanks conduct in-depth research on the blockchain field. The team already has “Research Report on Blockchain Industry Development and Investment Opportunities”, “Digital Currency Exchange Research Report”, “Research Report on Blockchain Public Chain Project”, “Token” The Economic Research Report and the Blockchain Self-Organization Research Report were published in five articles, and the forward-looking judgments and opinions were continuously exported.

The release of this white paper is not a release of a report, but a release of a series of research reports. The 8BTC think tank hopes to make it dynamic, and keep an eye on the latest developments in the industry. The form of dynamic expansion updates.

“Light cone” – The Return of the King

One of the highlights of the event at the conference’s “Light Cone • Re-Starting” event was 8BTC outstanding author’s award.

8BTC launched the “Light Cone” open original initiative in 2013, where hundreds of columnists gather here. The conference announced that in the second half of 2018, the 8BTC column will be fully upgraded, including identity system upgrades, content distribution upgrades and original incentive upgrades. Beginning in July 2018, 8BTC column remuneration will rise by 200%, and be issued in the form of BTM.

Blockstream CSO Samson Mow:Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling with the Lightning
Blockstream Samson Mow delivered a keynote speech at the “World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen”. He said that with Lightning Network, we have a speed of 500tps/second for each channel, not every network. What does it mean? We have more than 7,800 different channels on the network. The transaction volume per channel is about 500tps per second, and the overall network traffic volume will reach 3.90 million tps/second. This is the volume of transactions per second on the Lightning Network, and the Lightning Network went online from January this year, only a few months.
Weixin Chen: Blockchain Spirit: Creating Trust

Chen Weixing, the founder of Pan City Capital, said in a speech entitled “Blockchain Spirit: Creating Trust” that financial intermediaries accounted for 80% of profits in real-life intermediacy profit distribution, and the remaining 20% ​​of profits Labor production and creation all. The trust based on the blockchain encryption algorithm can greatly change the proportion of profit distribution. In the future, financial institutions will account for 20% of profits, and labor production and profits will account for 80% of profits. He also pointed out that the essence of prosperity is diversity and efficiency. People work and create by trust, and together create a prosperous society. The direction that the blockchain hopes to achieve is that everyone works and creates because of trust. It is not because of deception that they trick other people’s pockets into their own pockets.

In real-life intermediary profit distribution, financial intermediaries account for 80% of profits, and the remaining 20% ​​of profits are attributed to labor production and creation. The block chain can play the following three roles: 1. The witness book. The decentralized ledger record witnessed to replace the accounting intermediary; 2. Witnessing the contract. Decentralized contract execution witness to replace contract agency; 3. Protect privacy data value. Return data value to every user.

Qu Zhaoxiang: The moment is the future: we are at what stage of the development of the blockchain

Compared with the original chain COO, Qu Zhaoxiang mentioned five major characteristics of a high-quality blockchain project in his speech titled “The Present and the Future: Where We Are in the Blockchain Development Stage”: 1. The safety-first design logic; 2. Without sacrificing decentralization, it reduces waste of resources; 3. faces high-value markets; 4. strong performance; 5. perfect scalability.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are not perfect. They have been subject to the following deficiencies: 1. Insufficient trading performance; 2. Bitcoin functionality is less scalable; 3. Ethereum account model is vulnerable; 4. It consumes a lot of energy.

As another technological revolution after the Internet, there will be many new business models in the blockchain field. For the future, Qu Zhaoxiang hopes to become the infrastructure of the new business model in the future than the original chain.

Wen Mengmeng: Technology, Governance and Value of Public Chain

At the “World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen” site, Wen Mengmeng, director of business development at ONT, said in his speech that the public chain is facing problems such as expansion, privacy, lack of infrastructure and tools, and incomplete consensus mechanism. These problems are solved. Only then can we connect with the mainstream business system. He said, “There are a lot of public chains, and each blockchain is talking about how to solve the pain point of an industry. In fact, the pain point of the public chain itself has not yet been fully resolved, and every public chain business is not talking about security. The main emphasis is on reliability and stability. In fact, it takes a period of verification before it can be accepted by the mainstream business community. This is a very long-term process.

Cui Meng: Blockchain code overlap is no problem, don’t be long

According to Cui Meng, the founder of Achain, the homogenization of blockchain is very serious and the code overlap rate of most projects is very high. Cui Meng said that there is no problem with code overlap, because there is a need to learn from the project, and learning from the needs will allow better sharing of code quality and results, and better code quality. “We encourage the blockchain project to be divided into 100, 1,000, and 10,000 units. There is no problem and no longer. The transformation of different scenarios of the project is not for blockchain and blockchain, but essentially for the sake of Solve the problem and do blockchains.”

Gao Chao: Five changes brought by blockchain to financial development

At the “World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen” site, the founder of the zos climax made a five-point forecast of the impact of the blockchain on financial development over the next three to five years: First, the digitization of assets. In the future, the two driving forces of the central bank’s digital currency and equity digitization will promote the great development of the blockchain. Second, financial intermediaries. Financial services may not need intermediary in the future. This is the power that blockchain brings. Third, the financing of the world. Blockchain financing is no longer limited to every country and will cover the entire world. Fourth, investment has become globalized. The current financing is much more convenient than the traditional way. Fifth, borrowing and crediting intelligence. The arrival of the Token trend makes it easy to borrow money. Promote the globalization of loans and intelligence.

Yang Dong: The biggest application of blockchain in the field of supervision

Yang Dong, a professor at Renmin University of China, delivered a keynote speech at the “World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen” session. “Where does blockchain supervision go? Yang Dong stated that the biggest application of blockchain is in the regulatory field. Blockchain can help governments, including central and local governments, better monitor innovation, including blockchain financial innovation.

Feng Xingyuan: The realization of the blockchain itself is a rule system

Feng Xingyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Research Base of Small and Medium Banks of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, stated at the meeting of the “World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen” that financial technology is equal to finance. In the future, financial technology and digital currency are also financial, financial technology+digital currency+blocks. The chain economy is also finance, including digital currency and blockchain. For the consensus mechanism of the blockchain economy, we see that the implementation of the blockchain itself is a system of rules. It is a matter of common sense that it is the establishment of rules that can follow rules.

Yuan Yuming: Interpretation of the Encrypted Asset Market and Blockchain Industry

Yuan Yuming, president of the Huobang Blockchain Institute, gave a speech titled “Interpreting the Encrypted Asset Market and Blockchain Industry.” Dean Yuming Yuan introduced the logic to promote the digital asset market, including penetration, applications, mergers and acquisitions, users, generations and gender; and analyzed the blockchain industry chain from the five hardware and infrastructure, platforms, middle layers, services and applications. Status and development trend. He believes that the third stage of the development of blockchain technology is to establish a public and decentralized economic environment. The distributed economy is the fundamental driving force for the blockchain to transform the entire traditional world; but the current district Blockchain also faces technical bottlenecks in scalability, privacy, and interoperability. Finally, when he introduced the public currency chain, he stated that the public chain is a long-term development goal for the current phase of the currency.

Zhang Ling: Doing 1% of Investment forever

Zhang Ling, chief investment officer of the currency security incubator, said in his speech entitled “Improve 1% of Evergreen Investment” that the investment strategy of the Coin Institute is based on the hot spots of the future development of the blockchain industry and select different investment priorities and directions. For example, extensibility corresponds to basic chaining, decentralization corresponds to decentralized exchanges, privacy corresponds to managed accounts/payments/wallets, security corresponds to stable currencies, and compliance corresponds to alternatives. Investment system / securities token trading platform.

At present, the basic performance of the public chain cannot actually hold up an imaginative application. Despite such limitations, we encourage more entrepreneurs to make new attempts. Regarding decentralized applications (DApp), we mainly consider the following five points:

1. Is there technical innovation?

2. Is it a new exploration of the business model;

3 whether to solve the problems of the original industry;

4. Can it be a meaningful social experiment;

5. Can it help more people realize the value of the blockchain and bring more users to the blockchain industry?

Zhu Bo: Blockchain startup is harder than equity startup

Zhu Bo, founder of the Dreamcatcher Fund, said in a speech titled “Value Chain of Blockchains” that the difficulty of starting a blockchain venture is many times more difficult than that of equity startups. Entrepreneurs must not only realize the cattle they have once blown, but also Three-line operations are also required: one is the product, the second is the maintenance of the currency after the currency, and the third is the construction of the ecological chain. Therefore, the requirements for blockchain entrepreneurs are much higher than those of equity entrepreneurs.

Wu Yanqun: Trusting strangers
At the “Uncover the Next Unicorn – Wuzhen Blockchain Investment Forum” at the “World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen” session, Wu Shuqun, the founder of TASchain, gave a speech entitled “Trusting a Stranger.” He introduced the advantages of Dapp, including credibility, business intelligence contracts, financial attributes, zero maintenance costs, and collective intelligence decisions. However, he also faced issues such as high performance and poor energy consumption, difficulty in closing online and offline, and limited capacity of stand-alone machines. He also talked about the problem of true random numbers, hoping to really solve this problem, and let people solve problems back to real technical problems. True random numbers are also the key to TASchain’s SPOW algorithm.
Jiang Chun: Three aspects of the community, technology, and economic system in blockchain investment
At the roundtable forum held at the “World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” sub-meeting venue “Discovering the next unicorn – Wuzhen Blockchain Investment Forum”, Jiang Hua, a partner of Puhua Capital, said that he was in the investment block. The chain project looks at three aspects: the first is the community, no matter how sophisticated the technology, no community support, the project is empty; the second is technology, although many of the blockchain technology has matured, but everyone They are all exploring, trying to jump out of the original technology; the third is the economic system. Once it is operational, it will find that operating a project is the same as managing a country’s economy. The balance between interests is very important.
Yu Luping: The investment risk brought by new investors is much higher than that of classical investors.
At the roundtable forum held at the “Unveiling the Next Unicorn – Wuzhen Blockchain Investment Forum” at the “World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen” session, Yu Luping, a partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, stated that he was investing in Human understanding is divided into two aspects: first, traditional investors, we call them classical investors; second, innovative investors, called new investors. From the perspective of traditional investors, more consideration is given to the safety of asset investment and the controllability of the enterprise, but the innovative requirements are now considered. New investors are more concerned with how to effectively and quickly realize the value of investment as soon as possible. The investment risk brought by new investors is much higher than that of classical investors because they themselves have risks.

The 8BTC accelerator officially started. Hu Mengdi, co-founder of Barbitt Accelerator (8BTC Boost), said in his speech that Babitin Accelerator is a distributed incubation and accelerated entrepreneurial service center that focuses on blockchain projects in Hangzhou and is dedicated to service vision. Deal with real-world problems through blockchain technology and create teams or projects for disruptive solutions.

The 8BTC Accelerator also released the following three big news: 1. 8BTC accelerated camp start: For 8BTC Accelerators’ review of the blockchain project, Babel Acceleration Camp provides a one-time, full-network service for a period of 3 months. One-stop project acceleration service. 2. The establishment of 8BTC Investment Union: The first members of the investment alliance are: Time Stamp Capital, Pan City Capital, Capital Ratio, Bit Continental, Price Capital, Kai Capital, Innovation Valley, Meihua Angel, Dream Catcher Fund, Imagination Funds, Bay Road Capital and other well-known blockchain funds. 3.8 BTC Boost Global Super Node Recruitment: Super Nodes will have the following rights: Babitan brand endorsements; 8BTC Accelerator project’s first-hand investment opportunities; accelerated project token incentives; 8BTC media support and global accelerated eco-sharing.

The conference aims to promote the popularization of blockchain technology, promote exchanges at home and abroad, reach a positive interaction among all circles, break the cross-border divide, and promote a more healthy and rational development of the blockchain industry in China.


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