Is the blockchain finance can be in real or is it drifting away?

Blockchain is currently the most popular technology on the Internet. Even if the digital currency was sluggish and the ICO was explicitly banned by the regulatory authorities at the beginning of this year, whether the technology could be grounded was questioned, but the blockchain fire was still filling.

It is well known that after the virtual currency is limited, many blockchain players are thinking about how to realize the blockchain technology. It is not uncommon to grab the air vents and blow the floor hoes. However, after the “pseudo-blockchain enterprises” in the name of blockchains have been collecting and collecting money, people have become uneasy about the landing of blockchain technology. However, it is precisely because of the emergence of the blockchain bubble that the real blockchain technology enterprises have more precipitation time, and the potential to make the blockchain realize its real landing.

Compared with the snatching crabs, the Internet giants have enough technological R&D resources to support them. They are not too impatient in the heat wave of the blockchain, and the giants have a wider business coverage and use blockchain technology to land on the ground. There are more options. In many fields, the financial sector has become a contestable spot for many giants to carry out technology.

In the era of science and technology finance, Internet finance has no doubt become the technological and financial era of 1.0. After a short-sighted, smart finance, blockchain finance has been given the 2.0 era of technology finance.

Fintech 1.0 Era, Internet Finance Rusty

The birth of Internet finance does not go back to the beginning of the birth of the Internet. Instead, after the Internet technology is highly mature, financial enterprises and Internet technology companies can organically combine to realize the financial financial business model of financing, payment, investment and information intermediary services.

The birth of Internet finance has given financial companies new opportunities to expand online channels, and also provides Internet companies with market resources for their financial business development. Among many Internet finance companies, P2P credit has become the most common platform type. As far as Tencent’s micro-credit, Ali borrowing, Jingdong white strip, etc., as small as vertical subdivision of various Internet niche lending platforms, the Internet finance at that time was infinite.

However, with the increasing number of Internet financial enterprise players, the supervision of the industry cannot keep up with the growth rate of the P2P lending platform. In a market environment where supervision is insufficient or unregulated, many Internet financial platforms have gradually pushed the cash loan business from the “grey zone” to the “black zone”. The problem of campus loans has been erupting, and the Ponzi scheme of P2P, such as and e-Tibet, has been exposed…

At the same time as the Internet financial chaos continues to emerge, industry regulatory policies are gradually improving. After the supervision is strengthened, various enterprises in the Internet financial market have also entered the stage of rectification. In this stage of Internet financial rectification, the voice of blockchain technology in the financial field has become more and more high. The reason is that the blockchain has excellent performance in supervision and regulation.

On the one hand, the decentralization mechanism of the blockchain can effectively reduce the cash loan disorder caused by the centralization of the P2P platform in the Internet finance field. The database accumulated by the central platform in the market is prone to the phenomenon that the database is stolen or the central platform sells user data when it reaches a certain market value. The outbreak of bare-lending events is not only due to the existence of problems in the platform services, but more importantly, the centralized platform cannot provide corresponding guarantees for the security of users’ private information.

On the other hand, the consensus mechanism solves the problem of low regulation and control efficiency in the Internet finance industry. Although compared with traditional banking services, Internet finance companies have greatly improved their regulatory efficiency, but with the increase in national spending power, Internet financial services cannot meet the diversified financial consumer demand in terms of regulation, and users are Financial services on each platform cannot achieve cross-platform integration, and the rate of user regulation of funds is greatly reduced. In blockchain finance, data and users of different platforms or different financial products can be packaged and uploaded in their respective nodes, and then shared by the supernodes to the entire blockchain. Users can perform financial services for different platforms on the blockchain. Efficient regulation.

The loopholes in Internet finance’s regulatory capabilities have become increasingly apparent, and the relevant agencies have continued to increase their supervision. The hot blockchain is entering the market at this time, so that the regulatory problems of Internet finance can be resolved, and blockchain finance will usher in the first spring.

The growing demand for blockchain technology in the financial sector has also made BAT’s three Internet giants gradually emerge in the layout of blockchain finance. The typical representative of blockchain finance in the Tencent system is Weizhong Bank, Ali is Ant Financial, and Baidu is on the split Baidu Finance. The giants are obscure in the blockchain when they are in the air, and they get together in the wave of financial transactions, making the smell of gunpowder in the field of blockchain finance more intense. Each of the three big giants on the side has faced the “union” of SMEs in the financial sector. “It’s still a problem of “stopping the team.”

Tencent: “Replacer” Weizhong Bank and its arbitration chain

In February of this year, Weizhong Bank and Guangzhou Arbitration Commission issued the industry’s first “arbitration chain” ruling, announcing Tencent’s first battle in the application of blockchain. In fact, Tencent has established a blockchain team as early as 2015. Through continuous research and development, it has built a BAAS platform (blockchain-as-a-service) to provide services to blockchain developers, while applying blockchain technology to In the fields of micro-gold, supply finance, and craft search.

Weizhong Bank, which is known as the “replacer” of the P2P platform, also acts as a representative of Tencent Financial. In 2016, it established a financial blockchain alliance with 25 financial institutions including Ping An Bank, China Merchants Network and Jingdong Finance. Gold Chain League.

Within the Golden Chain Alliance, MicronBank and various financial institutions can conduct fair and equitable financial business transactions, and provide regulatory agencies with data analysis of institutions within the Golden Chain Alliance, and use blockchain distributed algorithms to enhance supervision over regulatory audits. s efficiency. Up till now, the member institutions of the Golden Chain Alliance have covered six major financial sectors such as banks, funds, securities, and insurance, and more than 90 institutions are located in 24 cities across the country, including many financial institutions in Hong Kong. Weizhong Bank’s financial report performance was also prominent after the Golden Chain Alliance’s two-year development of favorable market resources. In 2017, Micron’s bank revenue reached RMB 6.748 billion, an increase of 175.54% year-on-year, and net profit was RMB 1.448 billion. It soared 261.1%.

The arbitration chain is based on the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, tamper-proof, and trust sharing. It establishes only tiger leap evidence chains through cryptographic algorithms and distributed storage, ensuring the fairness and truthfulness of enterprise platforms within the alliance chain. Sex and safety. When an enterprise in the alliance chain needs an arbitration service, the executor only needs to press a button and the arbitration platform can automatically generate an arbitration result with true and legitimate data.

Ali: The ant gold suit “Giant” and the spark of the blockchain

On June 8, Ant Financial announced that it had completed a huge financing of US$140. The market value of Ant Financial’s nearly trillion yuan made it a well-deserved giant in the financial sector. The 14 billion U.S. dollars of financing will be used as financial support for Ant Financial’s layout in blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technical fields.

In fact, Ant Financial has long been planning on the development and application of blockchain. From 2015 to 2017, Ant Financial has successively acquired shares or acquired foreign financial service companies and continuously strengthened Ali’s payment. The advantages in the field. Last year, Ali established the Dharma Institute, and said that it will invest 100 billion yuan in the next five years as a start-up fund, which is a sign that Ali wants to build a technical team. According to the Economic Observer website, many top technology companies around the world will launch the MIT Financial Technology Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on July 18th to study the development and application of the blockchain. In the list of participants, Ant Financial is the only Chinese company.

The technical team has sufficient funds to support, and the payment field has a strong layout network. Ant Financial Services has also come to the success of the blockchain technology to the source of food safety, the protection of genuine goods, and various public welfare activities. Take the Alipay Public Welfare Project as an example. Alipay users can collect energy through the ant forest and plant seedlings for areas with severe land desertification. At the same time, they can also collect love through the ant house and donate to public welfare projects. Regardless of whether it is an ant forest or an ant estate, the details of the donor’s funds for each donation are recorded in the blockchain, enabling transparency and traceability of funds. In addition, Ali is also trying to apply blockchain technology to the digital ticket system of the alliance chain.

Baidu: Want to Subsidize the Loss of Bonuses in the Era of Internet Finance with Blockchain Finance

In the era of Internet finance, Baidu devoted most of its energy to the field of artificial intelligence, and with Baidu All in AI, Baidu also missed the best dividend period for Internet finance. After that, although the AI ​​financial sector has not yet been fully utilized, blockchain finance has emerged. However, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies have many binding points, and Baidu Finance, which missed the Internet financial bonus period, ushered in a brand new turning point.

In terms of layout speed, Baidu is a technology-based enterprise. Its technical team resources are more abundant than those of Tencent and Ali, so it is more cautious about market resource acquisition. Only in June 2016, a global blockchain technology. Payment company Circle invests. But in the second half of last year, Baidu accelerated the pace of blockchain landing. Baidu Finance can use blockchain technology data sharing to provide data foundation for artificial intelligence technology, and can also enhance the efficiency of blockchain smart contracts and distributed storage through artificial intelligence technology. The dual ecosystem of blockchain + AI has allowed Baidu Finance to rise rapidly, and blockchains are ready to go.

At the same time, Baidu launched a blockchain dog named “Lei Dog” this year to promote Baidu blockchain technology and Baidu’s various software. After the popularity of the Lai dog, the Baidu recently launched the first blockchain native application “degree universe”, which not only creates a multi-scene digital universe for users, but also makes up for Baidu’s existence in third-party applications. The shortcomings, and through the opening of Baidu mobile assistants to attract more compliant blockchain applications to build a DAPP ecosystem.

On the whole, when giants landed blockchains in the financial sector, they spent a longer time polishing and precipitating the blockchain technology and continuously seeking alliances in the market. However, from the perspective of the financial industry, the financial services sector includes the financial system, the financial system, and the clearing and settlement system of financial services. It is a three-dimensional network, and mapping to a two-dimensional blockchain will become very difficult.

From the perspective of the current market competition, giants are still in the stage of fighting each other in the field of financial blockchain. In fact, the blockchain alliance can only be regarded as the “team” alliance of various financial companies and Internet technology companies, or even only It can be regarded as a central super node in the future blockchain field. Data sharing and cross-platform management of its own data cannot be achieved between nodes, and it is impossible to provide efficient supervision services for the chain.


All in all, the blockchain finance on the market is not really a blockchain alliance. The mutual constraints between the various blocks still exist, and the data sharing has not yet been realized. The giants have the super nodes in each block. Right, this can only be regarded as the competition of the Internet giants in the name of the blockchain, and the market resources of the giants have led to the result of most small and medium-sized enterprises having to stand up. However, from the perspective of the market, the market resources owned by the giants must also be upgraded to meet the needs of users. So, when will the blockchain achieve real landing in the financial sector? Perhaps the answer to this question is the date when the giant consensus is reached, when the blockchain will land?

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