Westlandstorage.com Review: 25% monthly net profit

Good afternoon, HYIP investors. In this article, I will introduce another HYIP program called Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com). This project has been online since 14th April 2018, till now, it is already 52 days. Let me review it for you.
First, let’s see its investment plans
Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com) only provides one investment plan. The minimum investment amount is 0.01 Bitcoin and there is no maximum required. You will get 1% on weekdays(from Money to Friday) and 0.5% on weekends(Saturday and Sunday) for lifetime, that is to say, weekly profits will be 6%. Of course, you can withdraw your principal after 40 days since your investment, but 50% fee will be deducted, so I think this is only a way to reduce the ability of principal withdrawal, because no one will give up his or her 50% principal without profit. For example, if you deposit 100 dollars, then you will get 6 dollars everyweek and will reach the break even point 17 weeks later, it is a long period, so let’s hope together Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com) will live for a long time.
Second, let’s see its payment options
Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com) supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, BitcoinCash, Zcash and Dogecoin, Ripple. So only accept crypto currencies. For investors who lack of crypto currencies, you can exchange your PM, ADV or PAYEER into BTC, LTC, ETH or others.
Third, let’s see its referral system
Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com) provides two level referral systems, and you can get 10% from your first level investors’ deposit and 5% from your second level investors’ deposit. For investors who registered and deposited under me, will get 50% of the referrral commissions back. For example, if you deposit 100 dollars, then I will give back 5 dollars to you. But remember that you should submit RCB request within 24 hours since your investment and don’t be late.
Fourth, let’s see its withdrawal type
All withdrawal request will be processed instantly. So if you are in my team and your withdrawal is pending, please tell me so that I can make notice and change its payment status asap. Of course, I don’t hope to meet such situation, especially within the next 17 weeks(break even date).
Fifth, let’s see its website
If you are an experienced HYIP investor, you will know that Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com) uses a professional website template, you can find its blog page and many youtube videos made by other investors or users; For security browsering and users’ personal data, the admin bought EVSSL from COMODO company; Like most other investment programs, Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com) also registered a UK company certificate, number is 11182859, registration date is 1st Feb 2018, you can find such information from companieshouse; I think the most comfortable place for investors is the multi supported language, because there are 9 languages; You can find a program introduction video on homepage and you can also find there are APP download link at the bottom of website, but I didn’t use it because I use computer always; Also, there is a livechat window at the right bottom of their website, if you have something need to communicate with the admin, you can find their support worker there, by the way, you can also find the admin from their facebook page, twitter, instagram or telegram.
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My investment: 200 dollars
Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com)

Westland Storage(Westlandstorage.com)

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