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Good afternoon, HYIP investors. Nearly three hours ago, I received a newsletter from admin of This program has been online for 100 days since 20th March. You can invest with spare money if interested in it. I have a feeling that this program will not scam during at least next two cycles. Content below is the newsletter:

Good day, our dear members, hope everything goes well with you. In this newsletter, we have three updates to notice you.

First: Internal transfer function On 1st July 2018, we will open internal transfer function on our website. It will convenient for investors who want to join our program but don’t have payment accounts nor money inside their accounts. Because you can buy money in account balance from your upline personally from next month.

Second: Instant withdrawal function for PM, Payeer and Adv From now on, withdrawal requests will be processed instantly, except Bitcoin which will be processed still within 24 hours. But there maybe some special conditions will not be instantly processed, such as payment system updates or server temporary problems. So if your withdraw request is pending over 24 hours, please give us email.

Third: Multiple accounts alert before 1st August 2018 During the past three months, especially the last two months. We found some investors operated multiple accounts with the same IP addresses frequently to earn our five level referral commissions. These are unconventional behaviors, as we already said in FAQ section that each investor can only have one account. Because our investment cycle is 30 days, we will not punish such accounts during the next 30 days, but we hope you can stop when your current investment expires. If we still find such behaviors after 1st August, we have the right to block such accounts without notice.

From their attitude towards “Multiple accounts”, I can know the admin is kind, because he don’t want the bad investors lose money even if they create multiple accounts, so he give another month to let multiple accounts go, I can also know that he is responsible, because multiple accounts is harmful to programs and he must prohibit such actions to keep program going smoothly. It seems that this admin always notice first and do second, because I checked his news on Apr-24-2018 for BTC minimum withdrawal, also a week earlier before raising the minimum withdrawal of BTC and people even can convert their BTC in balance to USD if lower than the minimum withdrawal amount. No matter how will act and how long will it continue pay in the future, I like to cooperate with such admin who notice first and do second to let us have enough preparation time.

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