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Hello, dear HYIP investors. During the past three days, I received several emails from the admin of If you are a registered member of this program, I think you already know contents in their emails. But I will still publish the news and my own opinion in this article. If you are interested in this program, welcome to read.

(1) Start to accept Dogecoin only accept crypto currencies, till now, it accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, BitcoinCash, Zcash, Dogecoin and Ripple, already included all main processors in crypto field. So I am not worried that investors don’t have wallets to invest or withdraw. In fact, most people still use Bitcoin as their first choice, but the current price of Bitcoin make people puzzled these days.

(2) Conference in Riga

Three days ago, members of held a Conference in Riga, capital of Latvia. There is a short video about this Conference and you can find it on blog of their website. By the way, you can also find conferences which will be held in the near future on their website page. Also, if you want to held a meeting or conference in your city, you can also do this. Company will provide you with materials and all the costs of the conference, most important thing is that the meeting information will be added into the blog of their website, this will help you to attract more investors.

(3) Encourage members to reinvest

Admin encouraged investors to reinvest in the newsletter to gain more profit. But I never do this, because only money in your pocket is realy your own money. So I suggest you withdraw profit every day. If you really want to reinvest, you can do it when you reach the break even point.


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