HYIP News Weekly Report on 22nd June

Hello, dear HYIP investors. Due to travel of Dragon Boat Festival during last few days, I just go back to work today. Now I will spare an hour to write weekly report for my programs. I think you already familiar with these four programs.

(1) Westlandstorage

Westlandstorage has been online since 14th April 2018, till now is 69 days. Provide investment plan of “1% on weekdays and 0.5% on weekends for lifetime”, of course, you can release and withdraw your principal after 40 days, but  the fee will be 50%. After almost 17 weeks, you can reach the break even point, so only invest with money you don’t need in short time. My last withdrawal 10 minutes ago is instant as usual.

(2) Ethralbit

Ethralbit has been online since 27th April 2018, till now it is 56 days. My withdrawals are instant during last week. The admin runs a good program together with Variobit. So if you are interested, you can join with small amount to get profit. This admin is my old friend, I know him more than 3 years ago, each time he launched new program, he will tell me. So I will inform you on my website when his new program launched, but for now, you can join his current two programs.

(3) Variobit

Variobit has been online since 21st Jun 2017, till now it is already 366 days online, nearly a year. Same admin with Ethralbit. You can get 5% daily for 30 days, that is to say, 50% net profit after a month, really profitable. So don’t hesitate if you want to earn money online. But I suggest all HYIP investors that only invest will small amount, don’t invest with thousands of dollars, it is not a right way in this industry.

(4) Privateclub

Privateclub has been online since 20th March 2018, till now it pays 95 days online. The profit of this program is lower than the last three programs, only 20% monthly net profit. But it has more level referral commissions, that is 5%-4%-3%-2%-1%, so if you are a good promoter online, you can join here to earn more commissions than other programs.

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